Create Stunning Popups in the Divi Theme

Need to improve the website’s performance? Then, build new age popups for Divi that works for all at all times using the Divi Modal Popup. Whether email opt-in popup, on-page load popup, exit-intent popup and whatnot, you name it, and this feature-rich Divi Popup Builder will make it happen.

Multiple Trigger Actions

Divi Modal Popup comes with 5 popup trigger types. By utilizing these trigger types, you can decide when a particular Divi Popup will appear. The On-Load trigger showcases a popup right after the user has arrived. On-Click trigger will show the popup when the user clicks an element. With On- Scroll trigger, you can decide at what percentage of the page the popup should come. And using the Exit, you can show the popup when a user tries to leave the active browser window. The User Inactivity trigger a popup and re-engages the user when no activity is detected. Utilize these triggers to create Divi cookies popups, product announcement popups and more.

On Click

On Load


On Scorll

Exit Intent

On Inactivity

Multiple Trigger Elements

With multiple trigger types, you get multiple trigger elements. The Divi Modal Popup provides you with 6 elements that make a Divi Popup visible on the site. When you use these elements, users have to interact with them to view the popup you’ve added to a particular page. So, if you don’t want to interrupt users’ views, trigger elements are the best approach to display a popup. With this, you’ll have a distraction-free online platform that gives extra info when users want to.







CSS Class

Popup Content

What is it you’d display in your Divi popup? Is it text or a video? Or perhaps Divi Library layouts, then guess what? This out-of-the-box Divi popup builder will allow you to show Text, Videos, Images and Layouts as well. You can even showcase a combination of all. Interesting, right? Well, that’s what you’ll be able to do when you get the Divi Modal Popup.




Library Layouts

Want That Uplift?

Build stunning popups for Divi using the stunning popup builder. It’s powerful, intuitive and lightweight. Thus, you don’t have to worry about its working, ease of use and load speed. The only thing you have to think about is getting it right now and building elegant popups in no time.

Client Reviews

Why should you believe all this? Because Divi Modal Popup has been doing its stunning job of creating popups for Divi for a while now. Our users love how it works and how they can utilize it to build unique and most effective popups. And the same it can do for you. Once it’ll do, you’ll also share something amazing about Divi Modal Popup like the following.


This is no doubt the best plugin for popups ever. Just amazed by the number of triggers and elements. Compact setting, easy to use, incredibly versatile, and does everything you could need a popup to do. Highly recommended.

Thank you Divi Extended for another awesome product ^_^



Very nice plugin – worked perfectly for us. Thank you!



Very good plugin to customize you popup. Had to reach out to support for a question and they respond very quickly and provided excellent help. Highly recommended.



Great Support! Works as expected and allows for more creativity.



Great plugin. Support unbelievable when I had one issue, super quick response and super quick fix. Appreciate it!



Cool, simple to use and effective Plugin. Would be nice to have the trigger type “on scroll” for triggering the popup. With percentage. Most of the pop-up plugins have that.